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St. Louis Attorney Eric Abramson helps clients throughout a diverse and versatile range of law practices. Criminal Defense has been Abramson's primary focus. After obtaining his license to practice in both the states of Missouri and Illinois, Attorney Eric Abramson has been servicing the greater St. Louis area.  Eric has obtained successful dispositions in criminal matters ranging from Misdemeanor Possession cases to Involuntary Manslaughter and First Degree Assault Charges.

Specific results from some of St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorney, Eric Abramson's recent criminal cases in which showcase his knowledge within the criminal defense practice, can be seen below:

  • 01/22/2019

    Prosecuting Attorney in St. Louis City dismissed charges of Robbery in the 1st Degree (Class A Felony) and Felony Resisting Arrest. Prosecuting Attorney dismissed the charges after the State's Witness provided inconsistent testimony at a deposition. It took nearly 18 months to resolve this case and the 18 year old client spent nearly a year in jail. The client is now released from custody and back with his family. The range of punishment for Robbery in 1st Degree is 10-30 years in the Department of Corrections.

  • 01/14/2019

    Charges of 1st Degree Assault (3 counts) and Armed Criminal Action (3 counts) dismissed by prosecuting attorney the morning of trial in St. Louis City Circuit Court. Client was facing potential life in prison for these charges and now will be going home to his family after serving nearly 14 months in jail.

  • 07/31/2018

    Client's pending administrative alcohol suspension was rescinded and client's license will not be suspended as a result of their DWI arrest in St. Louis County. Eric objected to the admission of client's breath test results and this objection was sustained during an administrative hearing. The Director of Revenue was unable to use client's breath test results as evidence, and the Court did not find probable cause that Eric's client was driving with a blood alcohol content over the legal limit.

  • 03/05/2018

    Client’s case dismissed by St. Louis City Circuit Attorney’s office after Mr. Abramson’s Motion to Exclude Witnesses was granted. Eric’s client was facing several charges with a punishment range of 10 to 30 years in Missouri Department of Corrections.

  • 06/08/2017

    Domestic Assault case dismissed in St. Louis County Circuit Court after Preliminary Hearing for lack of Probable Cause.

  • 12/07/2016

    Client received 3 years in Missouri Department of Corrections for multiple charges including Involuntary Manslaughter in St. Louis County Circuit Court pursuant to plea agreement with State. Eric was able to drive up this outstanding offer based on several weaknesses of the State’s case that came out in contested hearings prior to the plea.

  • 07/05/2016

    Client’s Felony charge of Receiving Stolen Property was dismissed after a Preliminary Hearing in St. Louis County Circuit Court. Judge did not find probable cause after credibility of witness testimony was called into question by Mr. Abramson during cross examination. Client was facing up to 7 years in Missouri Department of Corrections.

  • 02/28/2014

    Client’s charges of Vehicular Assault, First Degree Assault, and Armed Criminal Action were dismissed in St. Louis City Circuit Court. Eric worked with a private investigator to obtain evidence showing the alleged victim was not actually injured after this alleged victim showed up to Court using crutches and a neck brace at client’s bond hearing. Additional evidence was provided to the Grand Jury and the Grand Jury did not find probable cause.