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About Eric Abramson St. Louis Attorney

About Eric Abramson
St. Louis Attorney at Law

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Missouri and Illinois Licensed, St. Louis Attorney at Law Eric Abramson offers FREE CONSULTATIONS today.

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About St.Louis Criminal Defense Attorney Eric Abramson’s Law Practices

Eric Abramson has been practicing Criminal Defense, Traffic Law, and Personal Injury throughout the St. Louis area since 2011. Eric earned his license to practice in Illinois in 2012. Criminal Defense has always been Eric’s passion and the motivation behind his law education.

Proven Legal Expertise via Results & Client Reviews

Forming valuable relationships with clients has always been a top priority of Eric’s practice. Eric’s Clients are always able to reach him directly – this distinguishes Eric’s practice from many of the large law firms in the St. Louis area. Eric would likely be a good fit for your representation if you value open and consistent communication in your attorney-client relationship.

Licensed in both states of MO and IL, helping a wide-range of Clients

Eric has significant experience handling a variety of Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, and Traffic Law matters in both Missouri and Illinois. Call Eric today for a FREE consultation and a reasonable price quote.

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