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Probation Violations When someone is being accused of violating any condition/term of their probation, the court may suspend the probation and schedule a Probation Revocation hearing. These hearings can produce a number of outcomes, ranging from a Defendant being continued on probation to a Defendant serving a jail or prison sentence. In Probation Revocation matters it is important to consider (1) the type of probation previously granted and (2) the severity of the alleged violations. If a Defendant is currently on SIS probation (Suspended Imposition of Sentence), the Defendant is at-risk of receiving a conviction and serving potential jail/prison time for the underlying offense. In cases where a Defendant was granted SES (Suspended Execution of Sentence) probation, the Defendant has already received a conviction and is facing a back-up, meaning an amount of jail/prison time the court could force a Defendant to serve in light of the alleged probation violations. The two most damaging types of probation violations are (1) Laws violations – picking up a new case while on probation and (2) Absconding – basically being on the run from your Probation Officer and having no contact whatsoever. A skilled criminal defense attorney will be knowledgeable of any/all alternative sentencing options available to their client – meaning any class or program a client could complete instead of serving a jail or prison sentence. It is very important to consult with an attorney about your options to resolve Probation Revocation matters. Contact Eric Abramson directly at (314) 753-1372 if you are in need of representation with a probation revocation matter. All Practice Areas