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Orders of Protection An Order of Protection is a civil matter in which a Petitioner files a petition with a Court seeking an Order of Protection against an individual Respondent. Although these matters are not classified as criminal proceedings, an unfavorable result from one of these hearings can yield similar results. If a Respondent elects to move forward with a contested hearing on an Order of Protection and the judge grants the Order of Protection for the Petitioner, the court will classify the judge’s ruling as a finding of guilt. Although this finding of guilt does not contribute to an individual’s criminal history, this finding of guilt would appear in an online database and this information would be accessible to the public. A finding of guilt on an Order of Protection could create difficulties in the Respondent securing housing and gainful employment. It is important to consult with a licensed attorney before making any decisions on defending a pending Order of Protection matter. Most parties to these proceedings appear in court without an attorney and that tends to mislead parties into thinking they can represent themselves in Court with little to no legal consequence. These matters, however, should not be taken lightly and it is very important to consult with an attorney if you find yourself defending one of these matters. If you are a Respondent in an Order or Protection matter, please contact Eric Abramson directly at (314)-753-1372 to discuss your legal defense options. All Practice Areas